Autodesk Ecotect Analysis


Autodesk Ecotect Analysis sustainable design analysis software is a comprehensive concept-to-detail sustainable building design tool. Ecotect Analysis offers a wide range of simulation and building energy analysis functionality that can improve performance of existing buildings and new building designs. Online energy, water, and carbon-emission analysis capabilities integrate with tools that enable you to visualize and simulate a building’s performance within the context of its environment.

Whole-building energy analysis—Calculate total energy use and carbon emissions of your building model on an annual, monthly, daily, and hourly basis, using a global database of weather information.

Thermal performance—Calculate heating and cooling loads for models and analyze effects of occupancy, internal gains, infiltration, and equipment.

Water usage and cost evaluation—Estimate water use inside and outside the building.

Solar radiation—Visualize incident solar radiation on windows and surfaces, over any period.

Daylighting—Calculate daylight factors and illuminance levels at any point in the model.

Shadows and reflections—Display the sun’s position and path relative to the model at any date, time, and location