BIMSolutions present at 1st Annual BIM Forum in Toronto

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Best Practices for Leveraging New Technologies to Increase Efficiency and Profitability in Construction
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is rapidly revolutionizing the construction industry and the bottom line of those who have adopted it. Stakeholders who understand the value of BIM, accept and leverage new technology, and adopt best practices will have an advantage over their less savvy competitors.

Gain a competitive edge by attending this event and learning from industry experts who will focus discussion on:

•How BIM value differs between industry participants
•Best practices for sharing and managing data
•Legal insights into contractual implications of BIM
•The use of BIM for Property and Facility Management
•Successful deployment of BIM on existing buildings
•BIM and the standard of care – dealing with liability in a shared environment
•How LEED and BIM can work together to simplify and maximize credit delivery
•What Canadian BIM requirements, guidelines and standards might look like when established

BIMSolutions presented about “Industry and Owner readiness to Incorporate BIM Requirements Into Contracts”