BIM Content Creation

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BIMSolutions has a team of experts that can produce high quality BIM content that will function properly and give you what you need to build your firm’s library or complete a BIM model with correct representation and information without being overly heavy. We have experience in creating content for Architectural, Structural and MEP purposes.

High quality, need-specific, and re-usable BIM Objects will be an enabling factor for successful BIM based projects and use of BIM downstream of design. But developing and managing objects introduces new challenges for design firms because of the need to represent 3D geometry and encode other kinds of information. The cost and resources needed to develop objects can detract from the core focus of the architectural firm, designing and delivering buildings.

BIMSolutions works with architects, engineers and contractors to create in-house libraries of content. Our BIM object creation services provides building product manufacturers or AEC firms with highly parametric BIM content that accurately represent the real world characteristics and specifications of the products. If you are a building product manufacturer, have the opportunity to showcase your products within a building during the design phase and at the point of specification: Allow BIMSolutions to create your BIM content!